K9 Kind Training

A Harmonious Life With Your Dog Is Waiting

Puppy training, group classes and behaviour training in the Comox Valley

All dogs have the potential to be the companion and best friend you’ve dreamed of. With kindness, communication, and a partnership with you, they can be.

Puppy Training

Training with heart, teaching good behaviour from the start

Raise a social, confident, well-mannered dog by getting your puppy off to the best start possible. Puppy classes and private training targeting the critical socialization period, when your puppy is most impressionable. Solutions for puppy biting, house training, basic, manners, separation training, designed to raise confident, well-adjusted, canine companions.

Group Classes

Where kindness meets manners

Has your puppy gone from a sweet puppy to a terrible teen? Or are you overwhelmed with pulling, jumping, and ignoring you on walks? Transform chaos into bliss in our fun and informative group classes. Loose leash skills, composure among other dogs and on walks, greeting guests with grace, and building motivation for a reliable recall. Where dogs learn to be their best selves.


Calm canine, happy human

Are you embarrassed or scared to walk your dog because they bark, lunge, or growl at the sight of other dogs or people? If reactivity is holding you back from getting the most out of life with your dog, we can help.

Private Training

Creating Better Behaviour with Kindness, one paw at a time

One-on-one positive reinforcement training for specific behavioural issues or simply teaching life skills. Goal-based, collaborative and fully customized to the needs of you and your dog.

Ready to take the first step to harmony with your dog?

What K9 Kind pet parents say ...

white dog

Richard and Rex

Our family has tried every dog trainer in the area, and this team was by far the most courteous, thoughtful and professional service we’ve encoun-tered.

Chris and Archie

K9 Kind is a wonderful dog training business. They use positive only training and my dog responded so well to their methods. Instructors are educated/certified, knowledgeable and clearly love dogs and want them to succeed. I would absolutely recommend K-9 to anyone looking for private or group classes.