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Why is K9 Kind Training a kinder and more effective way of training your dog and yourself?

Welcome to K9 Kind, where we teach you how to teach and motivate your dog using positive reinforcement, reward-based training. Dog training methods are most effective when they focus on teaching your dog what to do, rather than punishing them for unwanted behaviours. Reward based training leads to a dog that chooses to do what you want them to do instead of a dog who avoids doing the wrong thing to evade punishment. Dogs trained with punitive methods or tools show stress-related behaviors during training. Dogs trained with reward-based methods show increased attentiveness to their person.

Reward-based training is the fastest and easiest way to teach a dog a new skill and using food rewards does not have to come at the cost of other undesirable behaviours. Quite the contrary. Reward-based training is also the fastest and easiest way to resolve nuisance behaviours by teaching our dogs how to wait patiently, sit to greet, and behave politely around the dinner table.

Our team of knowledgeable trainers are committed to positive reinforcement training based on compassion and respect. Our values are grounded in evidence-based principles that prioritize animal welfare. We promote non-confrontational and humane solutions to living successfully with our canine companions.

K9 Kind’s services were developed with animal welfare in mind and over the last decade we have grown into the Comox Valley’s leading dog training company. We are BCSPCA Animal Kind accredited and adhere to exceptional welfare practices. The AnimalKind accreditation serves to address the need for regulations in dog training and increase professionalism in the industry. AnimalKind is a voluntary accreditation in which dog training companies choose to align with the BC SPCA’s evidence-based standards. The program ensures that our trainers are well-acquainted with the latest scientific understanding of dog behaviour, and are willing to openly discuss their training methodologies.

The dog training industry is un-regulated meaning anyone can call themselves a dog trainer regardless of their education, experience, or policies. The absence of meaningful requirements in dog training means that best practices need not be adhered to by those choosing to forego the necessary education and assessment of their own skills. Punishment starts when knowledge is exhausted and self-proclaimed trainers may provide faulty and misleading advice to dog owners. The lack of such standards has been shown to increase the risk of relinquishment to shelters, the emergence or worsening of aggression and other serious behavioural issues in animals, and fails to protect trainers, the public, and the pets in their care.

Kind K9 aligns with reputable and trusted organizations who share our values and standard of professionalism. Such organizations are setting a standard of animal welfare which serves to increase public education about the importance of humane training methods that are reward-based and evidence-based and improve the welfare of dogs. K9 Kind is dedicated to providing public education to improve animal welfare through such community initiatives as: the Taking the Lead Canine Therapy Program at École Au-cœur-de-l’île and the Paw Prints Fundraiser, as well as Dog Licensing Municipal programs in our community, and our neighbouring community.

K9 Kind & Positive
Reinforcement Training...

Punishment relies on force and coercion to teach, and fear and intimidation to maintain. Positive reinforcement relies on teaching by association, and motivation to maintain. The difference between behaviour based on fear compared to behaviours based on motivation, is reliability.

Why use Positive
Reinforcement Training?

Closer Bond
With Your Dog
Relationship Based
On Trust Not Fear
Reliabiliy and
Flucency in Skills
Teaching Instead Of Force
Makes For A Happy Dog!