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Why is K9 Kind Training a kinder and more effective way of training your dog and yourself?

Why is
K9 Kind

a kinder
and more
effective way
of training your dog and

“Our training is SCIENCE-BASED!!! We use proven effective dog training methodologies like those of super dog trainer Ian Dunbar, avoiding harsh reprimands or punishment. Remember, this is your four legged FRIEND, and he deserves your love and respect as well!”

Some of the old-school training methods had their limited use, but they inspired obedience through FEAR, which isn’t a relationship built on trust and love! Who wants to live with a bully? POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, otherwise known as TEACHING is what we do for our kids in school, so why not for our dogs? We teach YOU how to effectively teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash, come when called, greet guests with grace and a multitude of other life lessons that make for a happy and welcome canine companion. Interested?

Here is a great article on hiring a dog trainer and what to look for! CLICK HERE for that article (redirected off-site).

K9 Kind & Positive Reinforcement Training...

At K9 Kind we use food, play and praise to teach your dog to perform incredible behaviours like a champ, and challenge your awesome friend to maintain focus amongst ever increasing distractions, which he would encounter in our busy world. As your dog builds skills, food rewards become less necessary. Food becomes a super prize for really good behaviour instead of a bribe.

When your dog doesn’t know when they will get one of their favourite payoffs, your dog begins to habitually and reliably responding to your requests. The best part about reward-based training, is that your dog thinks you are the best thing ever and the master of the universe! Isn’t that the kind of relationship you would want with you super-amazing canine friend?

Classes and in-person training has now resumed at K9 Kind. Our class sizes are limited, and no family member/owner may bring accompanying family members, spouses or friends at this time, in order to maintain social distancing in the class. The ratio is 1:1 for owner to pet. Any questions or concerns, call us now 250-792-5463 or use the contact us page to get in touch!

~ Carrie Lumsden, K9 Kind

Why use Positive Reinforcement Training?

Closer Bond With Your Dog
Relationship Based On Trust Not Fear
Quick Responses To Training Requests
Teaching Instead Of Force Makes For A Happy Dog!

Client Notice Regarding

* Please do NOT attend if you have any health symptoms, but especially: cough, sneeze, fever, malaise and not excluding: GI symptoms (upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea). Please do NOT attend if you have been in contact with someone with any of those symptoms and/or someone who has travelled internationally in the last 14 days and/or someone who has been diagnosed COVID-19 positive in the last 14 days.
* Feel free to wear your own mask. Please try to avoid using the washroom on premises.
* Please use the hand sanitizer that is provided, as well as the sani-wipes and hand soap. Remember to remain 2 meters physically distant from everyone present. Sanitize your hands frequently and do NOT touch your face. Do NOT bring food/beverage containers from home and leave all your belongings other than your leash and your cell phone (in your pocket) in your vehicle.