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As a BCSPCA Animal Kind accredited company we are a team of certified professional trainers. We work with clients to help manage and modify problematic behaviours in dogs related to fear, anxiety, excitability, and aggression. We help to identify the cause of your dog’s problematic behaviour and then create a customized behaviour modification plan, teach you how to carry it out successfully, and follow up to help you progress through your training plan along the way. We address unwanted behaviours through ethically transparent procedures using the principles of positive reinforcement in order to resolve and manage the issue. We do not use equipment or procedures that are designed to suppress, correct or punish behaviour. We provide effective and humane training plans and behaviour modification.

• Fear, anxiety, excitability, and aggression.

• Newly adopted dog.

• Nuisance Behaviours: jumping, counter surfing, demand barking, etc.

• Resource guarding: toys, food people, spaces (possession aggression).

• Separation anxiety.

• Excitement and hyperactivity.

• Phobias (to noise, nail trimming etc.)

• Therapy or Service Dog certification preparation.

• Re-socialization with people or dogs

• Bite/Risk Assessment

• Animal Control Bylaw Assessment

Reactivity (excitement, frustration, barking and lunging at other dogs)

Go to our Reactivity Training Page to book a Reactivity Consultation.

Your initial consultation is 90 minutes in our classroom or in your home. The time frame for behavior modification relies on a variety of factors. For complex behaviour issues, multiple behaviour issues, multi-dog households, or if your dog has had no previous training, we recommend a minimum of two lessons. Behaviour modification plans are most successful with one or more follow-up lessons to progress to the completion of your training plan. Your trainer will recommend the number of follow-up lessons appropriate for your specific behaviour modification plan during your initial consultation but you are under no obligation. We aim to offer you the most efficient training plan possible and assist you as much or as little as you and your dog need to resolve the problematic behaviour. 

During a comprehensive Behavior Consultation, your trainer will:

• Get to know your dog with an in-depth and thorough behaviour history online interview.

• Observe, evaluate, and analyze the motivations behind your dog’s unwanted behaviours.

• Discuss your goals and concerns and help you understand your dog’s behaviour.

• Develop and implement behaviour change protocols and recommend manageable solutions.

• Introduce training concepts and implement strategies that begin during the consultation.

• Discuss safety and management strategies

• Provide you with a written behaviour modification plan and recommendations for future training and management.

Follow-up lesson options tailored to suit your individual needs:

In our classroom

30-minutes $90

45-minutes $110

60-minutes $120

In real-life settings, parks in the Comox Valley

30-minutes $90


60-minutes $145

90-minutes $170


45-minutes $90

30-minutes $70


Specializing in reactivity, early puppyhood development, aggression, rescue dogs, herding breeds, service dog preparation, and companion dog training.


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Holistic behaviour
modification for companion dogs.


Have questions? Contact a trainer and tell us what we can help you with. We will match you with the best trainer for your individual needs.


If you are currently working with a trainer and you would like to book a follow up consultation you can get in touch with us here to CONTACT A TRAINER or select your trainer on the booking calendar.

If you are registered for any of our group classes and you would like to book a private appointment, please get in touch with us here to request a consultation.


9 to 12 weeks – DAPP (parvo and distemper combo)

12 to 20 weeks – DAPP Booster

20 weeks and older – DAPP, bordetella (kennel cough), and rabies.


New Client 90-MIN Consultation in our classroom $180
Follow-up 60-MIN Consultation in our classroom– $120

Follow-up 30-MIN Consultation in parks, real-life settings and with the Comox Valley Training Club $90
Follow-up 30-MIN Reactive Training with decoy dog and handler $130

Virtual Follow-Up 45-MIN Consultation $90
Virtual Follow-Up 30-MIN Consultation $70

New Client 90-MIN In-Home Consultation – $230
Follow-up 60-MIN In-Home Consultation – $170

In-Home appointments WITHIN THE LIMITS OF COURTENAY, COMOX, and CUMBERLAND. *** We travel up to Smith road and 19A Hwy north of Courtenay and up to Trent River in Royston south of Courtenay.


Locations vary depending on appointment type. In-Home, Living Hope church located at 2182 Comox Avenue in Comox, and various outdoor locations in the Comox Valley tailored to suit individual training goals.