K9 Kind Training



Canine Essentials Private Training Package

This 4 lesson private training package is an alternative option to the Canine Essentials group class. This package is for dogs who are highly distracted in the proximity of other dogs and would benefit from a less distracting environment. In this private training package, you and your dog will work one-on-one with a trainer and learn, sit, down, and stay, polite greetings, leave it, focus on you in the proximity of distractions, loose leash skills, the foundations of recall, and the proper use of treats and how to avoid treat dependency.

This is an essential skills training package and not for behaviour consulting intended to address reactivity – dogs who lunge and bark excessively in the presence of other dogs, or dog who exhibit fear or aggression towards other dogs or people.

One (1) 60-minute lesson and three (3) 45-minute lessons


Location: Living Hope Church in Comox.


Single Private Lesson

In a one-on-one lesson with a trainer, you and your dog will start the foundations of training and establish communication so your dog can focus on you in the proximity of other dogs. Once you can get your dog’s attention in a social setting then you and your dog are prepared for a group class.

This lesson is not intended to address behaviour issues.

One (1) 60-minute lesson  


Location: Living Hope Church in Comox.