Exclusive One-On-One Dog Training

Private Training Options with K9 Kind Dog Training

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your whole family attend lessons with you?

Do you need a more flexible schedule offered in order to train your dog?

Are you looking for hands-on one-to-one attention?

Do you prefer personal attention without the distraction of a group?

Are you looking for private training to resolve a behaviour problem? K9 Kind offers one-on- one behaviour consulting to help you resolve fear, anxiety excitability, and aggression. During your first 90-minute New Client Consultation, we will assess your dog, identify your training goals, and provide a training plan. Some problematic behaviours can be resolved in one session. Most behaviour problems are best resolved with a training plan that is carried out over multiple sessions. We want to assist you to the completion of your training goals by providing support as needed along the way. The number of follow up lessons will vary depending on your desire to train independently, or if you prefer more assistance throughout your training plan.

The whole family can attend private consultations with your dog.


  • Fear, anxiety, excitability, aggression and reactivity.
  • Newly adopted dog.
  • Nuisance Behaviours: counter surfing, demand barking, etc.
  • Resource guarding (possession aggression).
  • Separation anxiety.
  • Phobias or noise, nail trimming etc.
  • Behaviour Assessment (including for the purpose of Animal Control Bylaw requirements).
  • Therapy or Service Dog preparation.
  • Re-socialization with people.
  • Reactive Dog Rehabilitation – Follow up appointments held off-site at the Air Park in Courtenay.



    We are BCSPCA Animal Kind accredited who are qualified to identify fear, anxiety, excitability and aggression and behaviour problems in general. We provide sound, effective and humane training plans and canine rehabilitation.

    Those looking for behaviour rehabilitation opportunities in a social setting are often referred to the Canine Essentials: Basic Obedience class in combination with Private Behaviour Consulting. Canine Essentials is a great class for dogs that are overexcited, shy, fearful or moderately reactive. It is a safe and predictable environment where your dog can learn how to behave in a social scene and adapt to the distractions around them.

    Private training is in high demand and often has a wait list. If no appointments show on the calendar, please join our wait list and tell us about your training goals.




90 Minute Consultation – $180 (tax included)

Location: Royston Hall

We are accepting a limited number of new clients at this time.

Please fill in our WAITLIST application and we will respond within 3 business days, Tuesday to Friday.



60-Minute Consultation(s) – $120

If no appointments show on our calendar, please fill in our WAITLIST application.



90 Minute Consultation(s) – $180

Location: Courtenay Airpark

We are accepting a limited number of new clients at this time.

Please fill in our WAITLIST application and we will respond within 3 business days, Tuesday to Friday.


Current clients in Reactive Dog Rehabilitation training can book follow up appointments at any time.

Location: Airpark in Courtenay 

In-home appointments available upon request. Please fill in our WAITLIST application and we will respond within 3 business days, Tuesday to Friday.

Training Plans vary from One(1) to Six(6) appointments

For individuals who are attending any of our group classes, private training is available. Book a Repeat Client Follow Up Appointment at any time once you have registered for a class.

Private Behaviour Consulting appointments at the Royston Hall or the Little Red Church

 In-home private consultations available for specialized needs. If you require us to come to your home, please join our wait list and provide details of your training goals.

We will be adding several other classes in 2021 so keep an eye on our website and Facebook for new topics and schedules


1. If your puppy is 8 weeks (two months) – just under 12 weeks (three months) old – First DAPP vaccination required
2. If your puppy is 12 weeks (three months) – just under 16 weeks (four months) old – First DAPP and DAPP Booster required
3. If your puppy is 16 weeks old (four months) to just under 24 weeks old (six months) – DAPP (Initial DAPP with TWO BOOSTERS) and BORDETELLA (kennel cough).
4. If your puppy is 24 weeks (six months) or older – DAPP (initial DAPP with TWO BOOSTERS), Bordetella (kennel cough) and RABIES.

Nosodes and Titre testing is accepted as well, email us if you have any questions.


1. New Client Consultations: ONE 90MIN Consult – $180

2. Repeat Client Consultations: ONE 60MIN Consult – $120

3. Reactive Dog Rehabilitation Training New Client Consultations(s) – off-site at the Air Park in Courtenay – ONE 90MIN Consult – $180


Locations vary depending on appointment type. The Little Red Church, The Royston Community Hall and the Courtenay Airpark.

Further Questions?