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Individual appointments with a trainer.

Our team of knowledgeable trainers are committed to positive reinforcement training based on compassion and respect. Our values are grounded in evidence-based principles that prioritize animal welfare. We promote non-confrontational and humane solutions to living successfully with our canine companions.

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Are you looking for private training to resolve a behaviour problem? K9 Kind offers personalized training plans to resolve fear, anxiety, excitability, reactivity, resource guarding, aggression, and more.

During your first 90-minute appointment, your trainer will assess your dog, identify your training goals, and start a personalized training plan which you will receive in writing following your appointment. Some problematic behaviours can be resolved in one session. Most behaviour problems are best resolved with a training plan that is carried out over multiple lessons. We want to assist you to the completion of your training goals by providing support as needed along the way. You can book as many or as few follow-up lesson as suits your individual needs. The number of lessons will vary depending on your desire to train independently, or if you prefer more assistance throughout your training plan. We offer consultations In-Home as well as in our classroom and various outdoor locations training in real-life situations. Follow-up appointments are 60, or 30 minutes.


• Fear, anxiety, excitability, and aggression.

• Newly adopted dog.

• Nuisance Behaviours: jumping, counter surfing, demand barking, etc.

• Resource guarding (possession aggression).

• Separation anxiety.

• Excitement and hyperactivity.

• Phobias or noise, nail trimming etc.

• Temperament Assessment

• Animal Control Bylaw Assessment

• Bite/Risk Assessment

• Therapy or Service Dog preparation.

• Re-socialization with people.

• Reactivity (excitement, frustration, barking and lunging at other dogs)

K9 Kind is BCSPCA Animal Kind accredited. Our team of knowledgeable trainers are qualified to identify and treat fear, anxiety, excitability and aggression and behaviour problems in general. We provide sound, effective and humane training plans and canine rehabilitation.


To book a consultation with one of our trainers, please request a consultation here at our CONTACT FORM.



If you are currently working with a trainer or you are registered for any of our group classes and you would like to book a follow up consultation or private appointment, please request a consultation here at our CONTACT FORM.

Our approach to dog training is non-judgmental, welcoming and motivating. We know that if a pet parent is struggling to train their dog, it is because they need better answers, or more motivation. We approach the pet parents much the same as we approach dog training and live by the laws of positive-reinforcement with both our canine and human clientele. We teach and motivate people to teach and motivate dogs. Our services are designed with human and canine learning in mind.


Reactivity is when a dog has an extreme, out-of-proportion response to something in its environment, most commonly other dogs. Reactive behaviour is displayed with barking, lunging, alertness, and hypervigilence, and once the reactive behaviour starts, you are unable to intercede. The reason for reactivity is most often fear/anxiety or frustration at being restrained in the presence of something exciting. In either case, the dog responds by barking and often lunging toward whatever has set it off. It is a complex behaviour that requires a nuanced approach.


Our reactivity training plan starts with a 90-minute private consultation in our classroom, a calm and controlled atmosphere. The low-stress, force-free methods of training we will utilize are scientifically proven to be the most effective way to teach dogs to independently make good decisions, reduce the likelihood of unwanted behaviours, (barking and lunging), and change your dog’s emotional response towards dogs and things that would normally cause them distress. 


Walking a reactive dog can be a stressful and unenjoyable experience always worrying that you will encounter another dog, especially off-leash. It can be difficult to find an environment where you can set your dog up for success and avoid reactions that only rehearse the behaviour. Following your initial 90-minute consultation, we offer 30-minute follow-up consultations in real-life settings at various on-leash park locations in the Comox Valley. We also offer 30-minute follow-up consultations with the Comox Valley Training Club. The club is a community-based Facebook group for responsible dog owners to come together to practice calm on-leash skills in a safe, supportive environment. The group is only open to individuals who have trained with a BCSPCA AnimalKind accredited trainer and have a foundation in positive reinforcement training. After your initial consultation, you can join the Comox Valley Training Club and participate in the practice session at your leisure.

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We will be adding several other services and classes in 2023 so keep an eye on our website and Facebook for new topics and schedules


8 to 12 weeks – DAPP (parvo and distemper combo)

12 to 20 weeks – DAPP Booster

20 weeks and older – DAPP, bordetella (kennel cough), and rabies.


New Client 90-MIN Consultation in our classroom – $180
Follow-up 60-MIN Consultation in our classroom– $120
New Client 90-MIN In-Home Consultation – $205
Follow-up 60-MIN In-Home Consultation – $145

WITHIN THE LIMITS OF COURTENAY, COMOX, and CUMBERLAND. *** We travel up to Smith road and 19A Hwy north of Courtenay and up to Trent River in Royston south of Courtenay.


Locations vary depending on appointment type. In-Home, the Church of St John the Divine located at 579 5th street in Courtenay and various outdoor locations in the Comox Valley tailored to suit individual training plans.