K9 Kind Training




Reactivity is when a dog has an extreme, out-of-proportion response to something in its environment, most commonly other dogs. The behaviour is most often displayed with barking, lunging, alertness, and hypervigilance, and once the reactive behaviour starts, you are unable to intercede. It is a complex behaviour most often motivated by fear, anxiety or frustration, which requires a nuanced approach.

We offer personalized training plans and a variety of training options in the reactive training program including options to train with a decoy dog and handler in a low-stress and controlled setting.


By the completion of your first consultation you will know how to prevent reactions, what to do when you encounter a dog, and have a clear path to resolving reactive behaviour. Includes online interview, trainer review, and a personalized written training plan.

Personalized Training Options

Various locations; in our classroom, in real-life park settings in the Comox Valley, with decoy dogs, and virtual.

  30-minute sessions with your trainer plus a decoy dog and trainer team. Recommended for dogs who are highly reactive and require single-dog introductions.

  Follow-up lessons outside the Comox Valley Dog Park.

Follow up lessons with the Comox Valley Training Club which is exclusive to dog guardians who train with a BCSPCA Animal Kind accredited trainer.

  Virtual follow-up lessons 30 and 45-minute appointments

The Comox Valley Training Club is exclusive to dog guardians who have trained with a BCSPCA Animal Kind accredited trainer.


DAPP, bordetella (kennel cough), and rabies.


90-MIN Reactivity Consultation in our classroom $180
Follow-up 30-MIN Reactive Training with decoy dog and handler $130
Follow-up 30-MIN Consultation in parks, real-life settings and with the Comox Valley Training Club $90
Virtual Follow-Up 45-MIN Consultation $90
Virtual Follow-Up 30-MIN Consultation $70


Living Hope Church located at 2182 Comox Avnue and various outdoor locations in the Comox Valley tailored to suit individual training goals.