The time to train your puppy is NOW! Dogs are at the peak of their learning within the first 16 weeks of age. There is no better training than preventative training. Teach your puppy what you expect from them and prevent undesirable behaviours now so you don’t have to fix behaviours later! All pups must be currently vaccinated for parvo, distemper and hepatitis (DA2P).
The Canine Essentials series is a basic obedience 6 week class that is suitable for dogs of all ages who are learning essential skills and working towards making those behaviors reliable among distractions, such as other dogs and people.
Need a little extra help with training your dog? Private training is available for clients that wish to address a multitude of behaviour issues that stem from fear, anxiety and aggression. Click "Read More" here or below if you require more information, or if you would rather book a consultation right away CLICK HERE for our schedule and click "Private Consultation". Be sure to choose the either New Client or Repeat client Consultation, or the New or Repeat client REACTIVE consultation. Thank you!
Looking to reduce the stress and anxiety you and your dog experience in the presence of other dogs? We are sure that would make for a better quality of life for both of you and your best pup! Our positive reinforcement training methods promote rehabilitation of fearful, anxiety-driven and aggressive dogs.