Why Would I Do An Assessment On A Dog?

Assessing a dog prior to adoption ensures you choose a dog suitable for your life style and expectations. If you have already adopted your dog or puppy, and there are some questions or issues about the dog’s behaviour, this process can be eye-opening and valuable for new owners.


per Assessment (includes GST)

There is a discount for multiple dogs in a household.

This is not a service that you can book on line. Please CONTACT US to book an appointment.

Are You Thinking Of Adopting A Dog Or Buying A New Puppy?

Rescuing a dog is an incredible experience!

ADULT DOG ADOPTION: Adopting an adult dog can be a marvelous alternative to raising and training a new puppy. Shelter dogs can be a well-balanced dogs that are simply in need of a forever home. Or, they can be problematic, carrying the behavioural baggage of their previous lifestyle. These dogs require their puppy education in adulthood. Rehabilitation may be necessary as well, which will take a dedicated owner committed to spending the time it takes to resolve the issues. Introducing a shelter dog into your home can be a full-time job, but can also end up being a truly a rewarding experience, especially if you get off to the right start!

Why Let Carrie Assess My Dog? Is She Qualified?

I have extensive experience in rescue and adoption and I have done many hundreds of assessments on shelter dogs! I have operated several adoption programs in animal welfare, animal control and rescue organizations and I am qualified to preform Assess-A-Pet: a scientifically based assessement developed by the renowned animal behaviourist, Sue Sternberg.