Exclusive One-On-One Dog Training

Private Training Options Now Available!

Wouldn’t it me nice to have your whole family attend lessons with you?
Do you need a more flexible schedule offered in order to train your dog?
Are you looking for hands-on one-to-one attention?
Do you prefer personal attention without the distraction of a group?

Appointment location at Royston Hall

The Canine Essentials series is suitable for dogs as young as 4 months old and up who are learning basic obedience and working towards making those behaviors reliable among distractions, such as other dogs and people. Puppies, adolescent dogs and rescued dogs often all need the same training, but may be learning these skills at different ages. In the CANINE ESSENTIALS SERIES, there are dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages, that are at a similar level of obedience, working towards the same goals. 

This series is also suitable for dogs working towards becoming therapy or service dogs.

Private 1:1 SIX (6) CLASSES Hosted at Royston Hall – $380 Total (Includes GST)


Whether you are looking for a one to one consultation on your dog’s behaviour, whether dealing with fear, anxiety and aggression or you are just looking for some pointers, this appointment type gives you the opportunity to have that individual attention in the comfort of your own home, or we can meet at Royston Hall or another location that may work for both of us.

 90 Minute Initial Consultation: $155.  ||   60 Minute Repeat Client Consultation: $100 (Includes GST)




Appointment location at Royston Hall

Solutions for puppy biting and the start of good behaviour so your do not have to un-do nuisance behaviour. Start now and START YOUNG!

Private 1:1 Puppy Consultation at Royston Hall: $80


Why Would I Do An Assessment On A Dog?

Science-based games are used that assess 5 core dimensions of your dog’s cognition — empathy, communication, cunning, memory, and reasoning. It gives you a better understanding of your dog and how he see’s the world.


$100 – 1hr 30 Mins

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We will be adding several other workshops in 2020 so keep an eye on our website and Facebook for new topics and schedules


1. Private Canine Essential Basic Obedience Series = $380 (includes GST)

2. 1:1 Individual Consultation in your home/other location: 

* 90 Minute Initial Apt = $155    ||    * 60 Minute Repeat Apt: $100

3. 1:1 Private Puppy Consultation at Royston Hall/other location: $80


Royston Hall at 3902 S. Island Hwy, Royston…(or in your home if you choose the 1:1 in your home apt.

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