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I’m Carrie, and connecting people and dogs is my passion, and my purpose.

With over two decades coaching and training the human-animal bond as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Canine Behaviour Therapist, I am committed to fear-free and force-free canine training. My goal is to build a bridge of understanding between dogs and humans, cultivating trust and effective communication at both ends of the leash.

My philosophy is simple: make a plan, follow it consistently, and witness the magic happen. Dogs thrive on clear and consistent communication, and I’m dedicated to teaching clients how to create lasting behaviour changes using humane and practical solutions.

As a child, I was the one who hung out with the animals and taught the family dog to jump over broomsticks, and rescued stray animals. This early fascination with animal behaviour led me down a path of lifelong learning in the science of animal behaviour.

Before founding K9 Kind in 2010, I trained dogs and humans in various roles as a senior trainer, shelter manager, and adoption coordinator in rescue organizations. I’ve had the privilege of working with prison programs where inmates train and rehabilitate shelter dogs to become more adoptable. Through fostering and rehabilitating many dogs to successful adoption, I’ve been through it myself. Frustration, guilt, worry, disappointment, hope, love, and success, have all been part of my personal and professional dog experience. These experiences have given me a deep understanding of dogs and a well-rounded perspective on our relationships with them. Each dog and person I have worked with has taught me something valuable, and I am thrilled to share my expertise with you.

My range of expertise includes puppy development, temperament assessment, manners and life skills, as well as addressing fear, reactivity, aggression, and biting. I also specialize in bylaw assessment and have a special knack for working with newly adopted dogs and cultivating harmonious relationships in multi-pet households, including cats and dogs.

Whether you are looking to overcome serious behavioural issues or simply raise your dream dog, you don’t have to navigate this journey alone. I am here to be your dedicated partner every step of the way.

Donna Collins - CPPDT, PPDT, FDM

Donna is a dedicated advocate who brings a wealth of education and experience to her role as a Family Dog Mediator (FDM) and Certified Professional Trainer . She has also completed a Master Course in Aggression in Dogs, further enhancing her expertise.

A self-proclaimed dog nerd, Donna is deeply passionate about assisting individuals and families in navigating the complexities of their relationships with their canine companions. Her relationship-centric approach allows her to skillfully guide clients through the challenges they face with their dogs, bridging the gap between confused pups and frazzled owners.

With a wide range of expertise, Donna can assist with various behaviour issues such as reactivity, resource guarding, aggression, separation anxiety, barking, fear, anxiety, and helping restless and stressed-out dogs. Additionally, she can provide guidance in essential skills like leash manners and recall, as well as selecting a dog that fits your lifestyle and environment.

Having always loved dogs, Donna found herself in uncharted territory when she needed help with a reactive dog of her own. Determined to help him, she experienced great success with her canine companion, Archie, and now she aims to share that success with others. She understands that every dog-owner relationship is unique, and her approach is tailored to each individual’s reality, providing relief and preventing feelings of loss or embarrassment.

Donna’s ultimate goal is for people to develop a strong bond with their dogs and to establish a sense of trust. She teaches dogs to look to their owners for guidance instead of reacting impulsively, instilling hope and creating peaceful lives for both humans and canines.

AnimalKind trainers are the ultimate choice for dog parents seeking knowledgeable professionals with the expertise and credentials to ensure the best outcomes for both you and your dog. Training is a science and like all science, we are committed to staying up-to-date on the most recent findings concerning canine behaviour and dog welfare. Trainers affiliated with the AnimalKind community are committed to following the high-welfare standards utilizing fear-free, evidence-based training, and have earned accreditation having undergone rigorous auditing by the BC SPCA. As the sole dog trainers endorsed by the BC SPCA, and recommended by veterinarians, positive trainers, and pet service companies, we’ve helped thousands of dogs in the Comox Valley live their best life.

  • Certifications and Professional Memberships
  • Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers professional member
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer from the International Positive Dog Training Association
  • Certified Professional Pet Dog Trainer from Good Dog Academy
  • Family Dog Mediator
  • Masters Course in Aggression in Dogs
  • BCSPCA AnimalKind Accredited