K9 Kind Training

Training Walks


Solo sessions with your dog and a certified trainer who concentrates on your dog’s specific needs, unique personality, wants and triggers while providing mental and physical exercise.




5 sessions


One 1 Hour Consultation Three 1 Hour Training Walks One 1 Hour Transfer Lesson



7 sessions


One 1 hour consultation Five 1 hour training walks One 1 Hour Transfer Lesson



10 sessions


One 1 hour consultation Seven 1 hour training walks Two 1 Hour Transfer Lesson

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Personalised training plan tailored to suit your dog’s individual needs.

Training packages include online check-ins and ongoing guidance and support.

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Puppy training and socialisation, training for adolescent and adult dogs for leash walking, recall, jumping, basic manners, and focus and self-control in social settings among other dogs. Training walks provide personalised results-driven training for dogs who are excitable, anxious or reactive (barks, lunges and pulls), in the presence of other dogs, or just need more activity

Even though we will do the majority of the teaching with your dog, our aim is to leave you with the skills and knowledge to maintain the skills we teach your dog. All training walk packages include transfer lessons where we relay the skills to you so you can continue on your own and enjoy the most out of the skills your dog learns.

As a BCSPCA Animal Kind accredited company, we are a team of certified professional trainers. We work with clients to teach dogs essential skills and modify problematic behaviours in dogs related to fear, anxiety, excitability, and aggression. We help to identify the cause of your dog’s problematic behaviour and create a customized behaviour modification plan, teach you how to carry it out successfully, and follow up to help you progress through your training plan along the way.

We address unwanted behaviours through ethically transparent procedures with positive reinforcement training. Our values are grounded in evidence-based principles that prioritize animal welfare and avoid the use of equipment or procedures that are designed to suppress, correct or punish behaviour. We promote non-confrontational and humane solutions to living successfully with our canine companions. 

Join the Comox Valley Training Club exclusive to dog guardians who train with SPCA Animal Kind accredited dog trainers.


Training offered at K9 Kind, park settings and in-home
within the Comox Valley tailored to suit individual
training goals.

Vaccination Requirements:

9 to 12 weeks – DAPP (parvo and distemper combo)

12 to 20 weeks – DAPP Booster

20 weeks and older – DAPP and bordetella (kennel cough).